Sure, you can work from home or stay in an airbnb but for most of us something is missing (spoiler alert! It’s coworking). For most of us, the perfect work environment is probably not solitary confinment and it may not be a crowded city. Here at the Pipedream we aim to provide inspirational place to work, play and connect with other people in a similar boat to you.

Fun times are never far away.

Here you can close your laptop after some serious productivity, grab a surf board with some buddys and head to the beach or simply read a book by the pool. Work/life balance, tick!


main building
  • Fast Wifi connection
  • Comfortable Office chairs
  • Private desk space and central table
  • Office overlooking pool for holiday vibes
  • Fully kitted with power plugs
  • Tea and coffee (the good stuff) facilities
  • Sitting hammock
  • Breakout spaces inside and outside
  • Always possible to find a quiet place to take a call

The pipehub coworking space is designed to give your working day an unpretentious air of decadence without the cost that usually comes with such a space. We hope this will inspire you and keep you on the path to achieving your pipedream!

This enclosed glass workspace overlooks the pool and brings together functionality and aesthetics. We realize the importance of having an optimized office space that stimulates creativity, so we poured a lot of thought and love into creating this space. We believe it stimulates blue sky thinking and problem solving to the maximus!

The living room can be used as further workspace with a huge comf sofa and table for additional breakout space. Feel free to stick some background entertainment on our huge TV (which could also be used for presentations).

Hit a wall? Why not take a break and jump in the pool? Come back to your work refreshed, revitalised and ready to tackle anything.